Big day here at Two 21 as it would have been the 60th birthday of John Andrew Spisak, father of Two21 Entertainment founder Chris Spisak.  The name "Two 21" was chosen as a nod to my dad who passed away not too long after I directed my first short film back in 2003.  Despite having no experience whatsoever in film, he even agreed to play a small role in my short.  We may not have talked a lot about things like that, but by all accounts he was very excited to have been a part of it and to see me pursuing my filmmaking dream.  Very proud to have each of my films tagged with his birthday: a constant reminder of him and his support.  Happy birthday Pops.  
The final screening of the 2012 Texas Filmmakers Showcase takes place right here in my hometown of Houston this Friday, November 9.  I'm suddenly overcome with a great deal of gratitude for what Alfred Cervantes and the good folks at the Houston Film Commission have done for The Order of Things.  It all started with a premiere screening in Los Angeles at the Director's Guild of America Theater (which the Commission flew me out to attend) and followed with screenings of our little film in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Harlingen, Corpus Christie, and now Houston.  That kind of exposure here in Texas is really exciting.  So a big THANK YOU to Alfred and the rest of the 
I can remember the days when staring at the blank page with a blinking cursor trying to get a brand new script underway was an absolutely terrifying experience.  Those days are long gone.  Now, there are few things more exciting than starting a new project.  I've been toying around with this particular idea for several years now and I've finally cleared enough time in my schedule to get it started.  The script is tentatively titled The Cats in the Cradle.  The development process is always fun: everything works wonderfully because it's all in your head and the possibilities are endless.  I've been at this long enough to know that (a) there will be many hurdles ahead and (b) I should therefore enjoy the early honeymoon period while it lasts.  Regardless of what lies ahead, I'm thrilled to be working on something new.
As we draw ever closer to launching the fundraising campaign for our upcoming short "Make It Rain," we've focused a great deal of our time and efforts into making sure that we can provide something worthwhile in exchange for the contributions of our supporters.  Well, we got some GREAT news on that front just recently.  NBA Hall of Famer, 3-Time League MVP, and former Houston Rocket legend Moses Malone has graciously donated six autographed basketballs to be given as "perks" to our top level contributors!  As the film focuses on a young boy's love of basketball, we're making every effort to reach out to basketball fans in addition to film fans.  Needless to say, Mr. Malone's contribution helps us significantly in that area.  Our pitch video is ready to go, our perks are almost finished (waiting on another big one)...we're getting close!  Can't wait for you guys to see what we have in store!